Thursday, November 14, 2019

LEAH - Ancient Winter Album Review - Spoiler I LOVE it!

Hello Darlings! As the holidays approach, I want to share this amazing artist with you. I had the opportunity to listen to LEAH's new album and WOW, I love it. I usually listen to music as when I write, and this has been playing non-stop. If you haven't heard of LEAH, I recommend visiting her YouTube page and her website for more detailed information.

LEAH is a musician who mixes Celtic themes with striking Metal chords to form a unique sound. Collaborating with various artists in Metal bands, LEAH’s work stands out. I came across a video on YouTube and fell down the rabbit hole…

 Ancient Winter - Autographed Digipak

Ancient Winter, a lyrical winter-themed album, is a masterful new addition to LEAH’s already impressive resume. Not a traditional “holiday” album, these songs mix cultures into a mystical story moving along a snowy, meandering path, full of delight.

The opening track, The Whole World Summons, is the perfect way to start the album. This is perhaps a tie for my favorite song on the album, not only for lyrics but the instrumentals are fantastic. Light of the World has a beautiful Middle Eastern influence. I’d consider this a “Christmas” song, as it alludes to Christian motifs. My favorite track of the album is LEAH’s version of Puer Natus, a medieval Latin Christmas hymn, based on a chorale prelude in Bach’s Orgelb├╝chlein. The piece is moving, you don’t have to understand the words (though I looked them up) to feel the strength and conviction in her voice as she chants about of the joy of The Lord. Not a traditional Christmas song today, but certainly a worth reintroducing to the holiday playlist.

Overall, the whole album plays upon the idea of light and darkness (even good and evil). A fitting theme for the wintry months; the longest night occurs, but the days slowly begin to grow longer. I adore concept albums. Each song is a part of this expansive view of winter. The bonds needed to survive, the joy of family, the hardship in a desolate landscape. 

If you enjoy Celtic music, I recommend this album. Take a journey through various cultures, sit back and listen to a different sort of holiday album, you won't regret it.  

All my best, darlings,

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