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Welcome! Salut! My name is Jennie L. Morris.

 I love historical fiction, it would have to be my favorite genre. Anything past the 1940s, and it has to be a good book to get my attention. Some of my contemporary authors are Diana Norman, Chuck Palahniuk, Dean Koontz, Tracy Chevalier, and Phillipa Gregory. As for historical authors, well, the list is too long, but here are a few: Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Sir H. Rider Haggard, Charles Darwin.  I'm a movie fan, I watch everything, but it's hard to turn down a great war, drama, or sci-fi thriller.

I've a strong background in the biological sciences and history. I like to add these elements to my stories. I studied European history, and my passion continues as I learn more about Europe from the time before the Greeks up to the present. I've a slight love affair with Persia and medieval Middle-Eastern cultures. As well and India, or Hindustan, history.  I've dabbled in fantasy writing as well, being able to create a world from scratch is a writer's dream and hope to continue expanding my writing repertoire the further I go on this amazing journey.

Although I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee (latte please!), tea is my passion. I don't believe you can truly have a good day without a nice cup of tea and wish society brought back tea time. To be honest, I have a slight obsession with British and Scottish culture and believe I was born on the wrong continent. Having the chance to visit England, a life-long dream, I am certain I could make the island my home.
My hobbies, when I am not reading, researching, or writing, included dabbling in perfumery. I concoct sometimes obscure scents and new combinations for friends and family. Working with perfume oils is a tradition, but my favorite is to make solid perfumes, especially with locally sourced beeswax, there is something romantic and timeless about rubbing solid perfume onto your wrists.

 Again, thank you for visiting my site and taking a moment to get to know me. I look forward to getting to know my readers as well and hope you enjoy my work. I'd love to hear from you, so please introduce yourself, send me a message, or contact me on Facebook.

All my best, darlings,

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