Monday, March 12, 2018

Great News with Updates!

I cannot believe it is March already, and not only that, the almost the middle of March!

This year is already flying by and it needs to slow down!

I do have some wonderful, fantastic, amazing news to share with you all. My first ever book got picked up by a publisher and is slotted to be out in June/July in e-book format with hopefully paperback to follow in a few months.

That's really all the details I can give for now, but I am on cloud nine to say the least. I am actually working on writing another book for the series as we speak, an have ideas in my head for exploring the universe further. As more information comes out, I will definitely update as it goes.

Since this is all new to me, I'll do my best to keep a record, as this may help someone else going through the process of working with a publisher. Now this is a small publishing house that I believe works exclusively with romance work, but it may give a general idea on how the process proceeds with other companies. 

I'm thinking of doing a small series of posts about what to do when you've completed your manuscript.For this project, actually I had to submit a propsal before I got the green light to write the manuscript, so its different for each publisher and even for each project that each publisher works on.

But more on that later. That's all I have for now, a quick update. I'll give more as I receive more.

All the Best,

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