Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New Enterprise! Graphic Designs?

Hello Darlings!

Summer greetings and wishes to you all.

I've been swamped with projects this summer. Not all writing ones either, which have been a blast. Of course I've been writing, as usual. I've been working on a book, while sneaking in short stories along the way.

Right now, I want to chat on a side-project I've been dabbling in. As a writer for a small publishing company, or one that self-publishes, finding cover art can be soooo expensive. Really, to the point it is absurd. Now, there are a few really great graphic designers I love on Facebook, and I will continue to be their patrons, because they are amazing!

However, I wanted to create e-book covers (and eventually whole book wraps) that everyone can afford. My other goal was to not use typical models, but emphasize the natural beauty and variety of humanity. Really, sometimes I get tired of seeing the same skinny women and buff men on the covers of books. Where is the bouquet of humanity?

That is where Cerulean 1590 Graphic Designs started. 

Short backstory on the name. Cerulean was my favorite crayon color as a child. Its first use in the English language was in 1590 CE, and it is a Graphic Design business. 

Right now its a work in progress as I build up my catalog of available covers. Here, I wanted to share some of my favorites.   



For one of my books, I also needed a tattooed lady from the 1900's. Unable to find a suitable vintage photo. I got a model and took some pictures. This photo shoot was something else, I loved it. Here are pics with random backgrounds. 

If interested, or curious for more, visit my Facebook site. Give it some love it you want. 

All my best, darlings,

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