Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New Anthology Out: Bad, Bold...And Beautiful.

Greetings darlings,

I have been busy writing as the heat continues to beat down in Kentucky. As I've submitted several short-stories to new anthologies, I had a fantastic release come out!

Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies Presents:


My story, entitled, THE BLACK SILENCE is a nod to Grimm's Fairy Tales. Dark and Twisty.

The Holy Roman Empire 1055 AD. Eyda of Villicus must defy her husband's command and return home, a place she left seven years ago on her wedding day. Her father dead, her stepmother imprisoned as a witch, and her two half-siblings vanished, it’s her duty to set things right. 

Nestled against the Black Forest, ten young children are missing from her home town of Groschen. 
 No one dare go beyond the hills and meadows to search for them, as darkness encompasses the once lively woodlands. Armed with a sword and relentless determination, Eyda gathers a small band of loyal companions to bring back the children and destroy the monsters which plague her people. Failure is unacceptable, she’d rather die upon her sword than return without saving the innocents. 
 This is available to buy on AMAZON and can read on KINDLE UNLIMITED

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