Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Out Now! The Absent Thread (The Albion Book 6)

Hello Darlings!

My final book (for now anyway) in The Albion series came out several weeks ago and I've not had the time to properly give it a welcome to the world. 

The Absent Thread. 

Is her heart worth his life?

Dr. Ezra Blackwood, renowned surgeon, has the respect of his colleagues near and far, but a mystery surgical catastrophe leaves him shaken. Uncertain of his skill and of his path, he retreats to Carlyle Street and to The Albion, a place of refuge where the demands of his profession are far away.

Lost, Ezra finds no solace in the drinks and gambling that so often soothed him in the past. He is a haunted man, unable to forget or forgive himself for his failure. Not even the arms of a long acquainted lover can ease his heart. But a chance encounter with Adelia Barker, owner of Barker’s Bakery and Café changes everything. The proud, independent woman sparks a fire in Ezra that he thought lost forever. Her fighting spirit reminds him not everything is easy, some things take sacrifice.

But how much will Ezra be willing to sacrifice for this woman?


Rosey Red with Blood on Her Hands (The Albion Book 1)


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Lotus (The Albion Book 3)

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The Absent Thread (The Albion Book 6)



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